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The Master Gardener program is an educational program in which avid gardeners are provided many hours of intense home horticulture training in return for volunteering to help local university extension agents.


The Colorado State University, Colorado Master Gardener Program strives to lead educational efforts to nurture Colorado’s natural environment and communities by:

  • Garden ClassesCollaborating with the green industry, public agencies, and non-profits to provide current research-based information to the public;
  • Developing educational programs for local needs such as water issues,alternative pest management, and ecosystem characteristics, to encourage environmentally sound horticultural practices;
  • Reaching out to new audiences through a variety of technologies;
  • Providing life-long learning opportunities and a variety of meaningful volunteer options for Colorado Master Gardeners, resulting in a committed, active network of horticultural educators who serve communities across the state;
  • Cultivating long-term support and securing abundant resources from diverse constituencies from the Colorado Master Gardener Program by showing the differences that this program makes in Coloradans’ quality of life.

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